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Far Cry Primal hands-on: A refreshing addition to the series

I just want to keep playing the game

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Far Cry Primal took my familiarity with the world and gameplay that Ubisoft had previously offered in the Far Cry series and managed to create a brand new experience. Even in situations that left me thinking, “Huh, this is really, really familiar” it wasn’t a thought that came with annoyance, but with excitement. As a history buff, seeing such an authentic approach to the Mesolithic world is refreshing. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with giant cave bears, wooly mammoths or saber-tooths?

All in all, the game definitely left me wanting to play more.

I should note, I did encounter a couple bugs here and there. I played a pre-Alpha build of the game - so bugs are to be expected, especially with such a huge world. There are tons of programs running at once and interacting with each other, to think that a pre-Alpha build would be without bugs is too silly to even think about. In my experience with the game, none of the bugs were game breaking and even if I had encountered them later on in the game’s development - I still wouldn’t think much of them.

I look forward to see how Far Cry Primal progresses, I’m extremely interested in seeing how the story will develop. I wonder if the story was crafted around the world or if the world was crafted around the story. Either choice would alter gameplay.

Far Cry Primal is set for worldwide release on February 23, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One. It will ship on PC in March 2016.

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