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Fallout: New Vegas Preview

Three years after the events of Fallout 3, the franchise returns with Fallout: New Vegas. Concentrated within the Las Vegas Valley and the Mojave Desert area, the new take on the popular series is ready to give gamers another unique post-apocalyptic experience.

Not hit by any direct nuclear impact strikes, the Las Vegas strip has plenty of power and water to go around for several cities who have suffered the fates of the nuclear blasts. Having so much in abundance, probably more than any other area in the Fallout universe, Obsidian Entertainment is hoping to achieve a similar reaction from gamers with their title as Bethesda did with Fallout 3.

Bringing back geckos for the fans entertainment, the strip of Vegas is full of drunken civilians having a fantastic time within their decadent enclave. Outside of the walls though, the world is entirely different with barren wastelands and bandits hungry for the skin off the player’s back. Luckily for players, the strip is safe for the majority due to Securetrons patrolling the area.

Within the confines of the walled off strip there are several casinos to peruse through as they gamble, cheat and work their way to earning riches. Win too much in one casino and players will be banned from participating in gambling. Not being able to bring in guns into the casino due to confiscation, players will never be kicked out or attacked due to cheating, but if they do end up leveling up their luck, they’ll be able to walk away from the casino with a good amount of currency – whether it is NCR dollars or Legion coins – to spend in the in-game world.

The mini-games include: blackjack, slots and roulette. Sadly, no poker was included and it was done so for unspecified reasons. Having the ability to bring along two companions on missions (one robotic and the other humanoid), players are able to give their new found friends commands to go initiate combat, attack from afar, get the jump on enemies up close and much more. If they are unsatisfied with the player’s decision, they’ll provide negative feedback and showcase their opinion.

Since the New California Republic has expanded to the West, they are out to take control over the Hoover Dam for the water and electricity. Providing four major paths to partake in, there are countless main story missions to complete while all the while having side-missions to complete. The Karma system is back to judge players on their actions and there’s also the Reputation system to blend the good and bad. If players are caught stealing or killing in front of certain individuals, they’ll not only lose reputation with them, but quite possibly with their aligned faction. If the players lose too much reputation, there’s a possibility of having assassins coming to hunt for their assigned prey.

Set for an October 19, 2010 release date, Fallout: New Vegas will have a presence on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC with the chance of downloadable content after the success of DLC in Fallout 3.

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