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Fairytale Fights - PS3 - Preview 2

Once upon a time, there lived icons of the fairytale lands – Jack (he of the beanstalk fame), Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and the Naked Emperor (the scantily clad lead in the story The Emperor’s New Clothes). Each was enjoying the life penned for them when along comes another character and sets each up, stealing their glory and their limelight, the adoration of the masses and making them appear as the center of a ridicule storm and insignificant.

Well, as usually happens, that does not sit well with this quartet and they are out for blood!

Fairytale Fights is not exactly what the name would imply. One would think of a smash-type fighting game, not one with a storyline and quests that take place outside of the fantasy village.

Playlogic’s game is vicious and violent, full of splattered blood, and dismemberment. This is not a game for children.

The first quest you embark on is to find the porridge that was stolen from the Three Bears. After all, Goldilocks has gone into porridge withdrawal, and business at the Bears’ eatery will take a hit if the magical porridge pot is not returned. Well, it seems that the lumberjacks, once a peaceful folk, have turned to a life of crime and are guilty of Grand Theft Porridge. Your job, as one of the ‘heroes,’ is to recover the porridge pot before it reaches the homeland of the lumberjacks (and yep, you will see Paul Bunyan wandering around in the background).  To do this, you have to hack, slash and dash through the three-dimensional side-scrolling environments, avoiding traps while using a variety of weapons to devastate any opposition. That means you pick up a sword made from the skeleton of a swordfish, and battle waves of lumberjacks that try to get between you and your ultimate goal. The camera will slow and an inset window will gloriously show you all the dismemberments, while the landscape becomes awash with blood.

Blood is slippery, so rather than sure footing, you will start to slide about as the scene becomes bloodier. Of course there are drops, weapons and coins and jewels – oh my – and you are scored for what you do. Killing and chain killing earns big points, as does finding objects. Dying will pull away from your point pool. Weapons can be thrown, and some are ranged attacks anyway (you get the standard array of melee weapons as well as some ranged weapons).

The camera, at least in this pre-release build, could get a little hung up and you can lose sight of your character. There are also arena modes for just pure carnage without the pretense of a quest or story.

This is indeed a twist and somewhat macabre game that takes standard fairytale characters and manipulates them toward the psychotic.

The controls are kept easy and the graphics are over-the-top in terms of animation while the environments are lush. The sound is minimal at best.

Fairytale Fights releases at the end of the month and is a game that should be kept away from the younger set.

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