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Fairytale Fights - PC - Preview

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Utilizing the Unreal Engine 3.0, Playlogic Entertainment is set to show everyone in the gaming industry that the engine isn’t used just for first-person shooters. With a heaping amount of customization, fairytale characters are ready to get their fame back in Fairytale Fights.

As a hack-n-slash title, Fairytale Fights deploys four playable characters including Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White. As of right now, these are the only two characters that have been revealed but we can expect more characters from tales from long ago. What’s the storyline? The fairytale characters are no longer famous and are out to get their fame back to prove they aren’t washed up.

Fairytale Fights turned out to be one of the most violent games at E3 2009 with blood splattering with every kill and brains flopping on the ground. Implementing a skeleton in their character models, after you slaughter an enemy, you’ll see the whites of their bones lying on the ground. After each death, the blood will accumulate on the ground and players will slip and slide with the fluids spread across the environment.

Fairytale Fights PC screenshots

There’s dynamic slicing for intuitive combos when attacking the enemies. No longer will you have to press a certain button combo, but instead, players will use the right analog sticks to cut off limbs of their oppressors. Fairytale Fights couldn’t be less of a children’s game if it even tried – it’s got gore and violence around every corner. There’s environmental hazards, enlarged death in a pop-up screen, a wide variety of weapons (magical, ranged, melee, etc.)

With drop-in and drop-out cooperative play, players can pick up a controller at their own leisure and play with their friends. Currently, up to four players can play offline and two players can join online sessions. If you’d rather battle your friends, there’s an arena mode to battle with your friends similar Capcom’s Powerstone.

Inspired by cartoon violence found within The Simpsons, Ren & Stimpy, and Happy Tree Friends, Fairytale Fights will be reaching the beta stage very soon. Fairytale Fights is aiming for a holiday 2009 release with downloadable content in the future.


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