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Everyday Shooter - PS3 - Preview

As the story goes, Jonathan Mak was building a game back in 2005, but it was soon (as he put it) a mess of rules and such, so he went back to the proverbial drawing board. He looked at games like Space Invaders, Ikaruga, Parsec47 and Every Extend, and decided that simple can be beautiful. From that was born the game Everyday Shooter – a top-down game that has players with one central moveable vehicle that shoot at a constant onslaught of icons that spawn and float across the screen.

This is, by no means, a complicated affair. You move with the left thumbstick and shoot with the right thumbstick. You have to watch the whole screen and maneuver to avoid being hit by the enemies that will roll across the screen. Their patterns are predictable, complicated only by the sheer number that can be onscreen at a time. Some drop little white glowing objects that you can pick up for points.

The game is billed as a Queasy Game by Jonathan Mak, but is published by SCEA and available on the PlayStation Network.

There are two modes of play – normal and single. The levels in the single play are locked and you have to be successful in normal mode to unlock them. As you move through a level, the enemy spawn will increase, and you have to be on your toes. At times, the screen can become overburdened with the simple explosions (that are streaks across the screen or look like paintball splatters) and you may find yourself unable to find your ship in the mess. The graphics are kept on the simple side. The music is looped and is a soft melody that can be annoying after 10 minutes or so.

Jonathan Mak set about to create a game that was simple to learn and play, and in that he has succeeded. This is a formula that has been used many times and never seems to grow too old. And give credit to the game, it is a reflexive exercise that is entertaining when taken in small doses, making for a title that you can hop in and play (it installs to your PS3 hard drive) for 10-15 minutes and then leave alone for a bit.

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