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Enchanted Arms - 360 - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

FromSoftware, well known Japanese developer, is developing Enchanted Arms for the Xbox 360. Created exclusively for the system, Enchanted Arms is the first Japanese-style RPG to hit the 360. And, with a unique monster collecting system and vibrant graphics, it looks to bring the genre to the 360 in fine form.

The storyline in Enchanted Arms revolves around creatures called Golems. They were initially created for the betterment of mankind, but as people grew greedy and sought for power, they eventually tried to take control of the world and fought constantly using the incredible power of these Golems. During this, the Golems became self aware of their strength and began to realize their potential for rebellion. To stop this, the elders went through and sealed them completely, locking them away to prevent this. That’s when your character comes in, unintentionally releasing the Golems. An untrained and somewhat immature magic-user, your character (named Atsuma, which means “to gather” in Japanese by no mere coincidence) must collect the Golems and use them throughout the game

Enchanted Arms Xbox 360 screenshots

The battle system in Enchanted Arms is turn-based, and works via a grid system, as you position your characters and then make your attack. You can attack using the power of your Golems, and casting one results in a big Final Fantasy-style animation (you can fast-forward to skip the animation if you’d prefer). Winning battles allows you to gain Battle Points, which will allow you to upgrade your abilities.

The graphics in Enchanted Arms are great, filled with detailed and beautifully crafted environments and great looking character models. The Golem casts look spectacular, with great lighting and special effects.

Enchanted Arms is shaping up to be a compelling adventure with some engaging gameplay elements and great graphics. Look for it this summer.

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