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Elite Beat Agents - NDS - Preview

E3 2006 Hands On Preview

In the past year, Nintendo’s DS has come to the forefront when it comes to providing unique gameplay experiences and innovative titles. Elite Beat Agents, a goofy, rhythm game that brings games like Warioware Touched and Feel the Magic to mind, is one such game. Elite Beat Agents is an upbeat game that plays out in episodic form, putting you in control of the team of Agents as they go about helping people perform fairly menial tasks. You do this through a series of mini-games that change dependent on the situation. Elite Beat Agents is a fast paced rhythm game with goofy situations and a hilarious story and should be a riot when it’s released.

Elite Beat Agents screenshots

The preview build that we got to play showcased the game’s fast pace as well as the all-out quirkiness of the game. After a brief tutorial which has the player performing the variety of tasks within the game, like using the stylus to spin a wheel on the touchpad, push a ball across the screen or tap a location on the screen to the beat of a song, the game launches you head long into the first mission of the game.  

In the first mission, you must come to the aid of a babysitter as she and her boyfriend must keep the kids under wraps. You basically do this by tapping sections on the screen in sequence to Steriogram’s Walkie Talkie Man. How you do reflects on what kind of cutscene you’ll get when you’ve completed the section. Depending on how you do dictates the cutscenes you get when you’re through.

Elite Beat Agents has a unique and offbeat brand of humor that will undoubtedly make it endearing as well as a hit with certain circles of DS fans.

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