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eJay Clubworld: The Music Making Experience - PS2 - Preview

E3 2003 –First Look


Music programs can run as much as one thousand dollars on computer systems.  Who has money to throw around like that to see if they have the ability to be the next Quincy Jones or Moby?  Crave Entertainment offers a simple music making program for the PS2 at little more than the price of a CD.


eJay Clubworld is a simple looping utility that allows creativity to flow with a bevy of freedom.  More than 10,000 free license loops are at virtual DJs disposal and can be simply manipulated using a basic sequencer.  The sequencer can hold as many as 20 individual tracks and is incredibly easy to use. Timing can whittle down to a sixteenth of a note for complex rhythms and beats. 


The utility visits eight different clubs, each with their own style of music such as Hip Hop, Techno, and Drum and Bass.  Each club has their own individual utility that pertains to the musical genre such as scratchable turntables in the Hip Hop club. 


While eJay Clubworld isn’t the most expansive music maker on the market, it does come at an affordable retail price of $19.99.


EJay Clubworld will be available early this Fall. 








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