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East India Company - PC - Preview

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There are those who consider the period in human history between the 1600s and the 1800s to be a romantic time, when fortunes twisted on the change in the winds. For those gamers, Paradox has a game that should enthrall as well as challenge.

East India Company allows gamers to take over a trading company and attempt to gain control of the oceans around Africa and the East Indies through shrewd trading, as well and knowing when to engage in naval battles, take over ports or simply engage in treaties.

The goal of the game is simple: take your trading company, rise it in power and riches while putting competitors out of business.

But do not think of this as a straightforward linear experience; players can customize the goals of the game in several ways, indulge in a sandbox mode or undertake the challenge of multiplayer in head-to-head sea battles.

East India Company PC screenshots

Other features of the game, according to the Paradox press release, include:

  • Spectacular cinematic & epic naval battles

  • 2 Command Modes: RTS (control many ships) or Direct Command (single ship)

  • Unique combination of war & trading

  • 8 playable nations: England, France, Holland, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and the Holy Roman Empire

  • 10 realistic ship types: small sloops to cutters to East Indiaman to warships

  • Hire fleet commanders who will gain new skills & increase the abilities of your fleets

  • Take over ports and protect your shipping routes to create largest trading empire

Because this game has, at its core, an economic model, the game allows players to conduct trading manually or automatically. While the game features an isometric view that shows trade routes and zooms down to water level for the battles, the graphics range from very solid to very good – especially when it comes to the water effects. Everything plays out in real time, even in the strategy levels.

Players do not always have to fight to succeed. You can also work out treaties with competitors.

There are also multiplayer scenarios with three different game modes.

East India Company is a title that looks good and will definitely provide a share of challenge as well as some solid entertainment value. Look for this title to release at the end of July.


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