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E3 2013 Preview: The Raven is a three part murder mystery that will keep you guessing


This point and click adventure form Nordic Games will be coming to you in three parts. The Raven will be released July 23rd and the next two episodes will follow the next two months. The game plays as a classic murder mystery adventure that will solve the age old question of 'who done it.'

Each episode will put you into a different perspective from a different character; the story will carry over though. As a point and click adventure, you have a fair balance of captivating art work and a detailed story. The adventure will focus on character development and character backgrounds. You'll collect points as you play that can be used to cash in for puzzle help or to unlock art at the end of the game. Only through each of the adventures will you ever know who truly done it.

The prequel to this game is already available via iOS and Android. The "Raven Prologue" can be downloaded for free. It's an interactive graphic novel with your name on it. Check it out and see if the Raven is something you want to get down on. You can buy it now with the season pass for 20% off - this deal also comes with more content. This title will come out for PC, XBLA, and PSN.

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