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E3 2013 Preview: SteelSeries’ 9H headset proves that ‘Winning is Everything’


The SteelSeries ‘H’ series of headsets are powerful, plain and simple. At varying price levels and performance, these headsets bring a unique element to the user. When your motto is “Winning is Everything” you better have the hardware to back up your claim. While the SteelSeries headsets may not be the most flashy, they are ‘classy.’ The black leather with the orange stripes is sleek. When the main purpose is sound, being ostentatious isn’t a priority. These bad boys are also durable as hell and can take quite a beating. If practicality and efficiency is something you look for in headphones, you may want to take a gander below at the SteelSeries ‘H’ series below:

The 3Hv2 is the smallest of the three we’ll be looking at today. Priced at a reasonable $39.99, this little guy packs a lot of bang for the buck. The leather cushions and pillow protect and add comfort while the retractable microphone is absolutely practical. The unique feature on this headset is that is folds into itself, making it extremely mobile and easy on space for storage.

3Hv2 SteelSeries

The 5Hv3 is the resurrection of the most popular SteelSeries headset. Speaking on the topic of portable, this headset literally can be taken apart and reassembled elsewhere. With just a few snaps, the pieces come off and just snap back on once you’re ready to rock it again. Also with a retractable microphone, this headset also has a nylon cord and swappable cables for PCs or radios/phones. This guy sells for $79.99.

5Hv3 SteelSeries

The 9H is the largest and most powerful of the ‘H’ series. This headset is built like a DJ grade headset and functions like a DJ grade headset – blocking nearly all sound. The cushions on your ear are so large that they give space between the leather and your ear. The retractable microphone is also the largest and has the broadest frequency range. With auto-microphone gate technology, your loudest rages won’t pierce the ears of your teammates. The pro logic 2 allows for the normal Dolby 5.1 true to reach 7.1 though eight equalizers and ten bands. A Doppler Effect-like response in your ears causes a “psychoacoustics” effect to occur – your mind will literally think something is whizzing by your head when you’re really just playing a video game. Sleek like its brothers, it also rocks a nylon interchangeable cord. Did I mention that is comes with an external sound card? Well it does. If for some reason you don’t want to use the sound card, you don’t have to. This headset will sell for $159.99 come October. I only saw a prototype for the 9H and even that was comfortable; I’ll be keeping my eye on this monster. 

9H SteelSeries

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