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E3 2013 Preview: Jack Keane 2 is the satirical love triangle coming to America


There is no wrath worse then a woman scorn, or so they say. In Jack Keane 2, you are caught in a love triangle with two women fighting for your love. Who do you listen to? Who do you spend time with? How does the other feel about this attention? Yea... you're in it deep.

This game is a satirical point and click adventure. You'll play as multiple characters, often during the same scene, each with a unique power, and each needed to solve puzzles. Unlike most point and click adventures, you have access to the WASD keys for movement.

You'll laugh, cry, get caught in sensitive love triangle situations and hate yourself in no time! What is there to possibly lose? There will even be moments where you'll enter the screwed up subconscious of Jack where you’ll confront fears and reflect upon your woes. Can you lie to yourself?

This game will be coming to the US on the 28th of June for PC. Keep an eye out for it - just don't let the other two women see.

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