E3 2013 Preview: Defiance already showing off that Castithan DLC

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How’s that Defiance going? Damn those bugs are annoying. I have good news Earth saviors, the Castithan DLC pack is coming as part of the season pass. Although a price and release date have yet to be solidified, I got to see some of the key features today at the Trion booth at E3:2013. First of all, the white skinned Castithan race will be playable.

A new vehicle, the Raptor will be available. This bad boy seats 4 and is combat ready. I see that you are a weapons and not a vehicle person, that works. Charge weapons are being introduced. Like the name suggests, you charge these weapons for a greater effect, release, and boom. So far these weapons come in four flavors: pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle, and sword. Did I say sword? Yup. The charge sword uses no ammo and is a short range slice n’ dice sort of deal; packed with a sweet area of effect ground pound for all you hardcore melee types.  There are also 8 sword colors you discover for more customization.

A siege is a sort of wave event that players from local areas can join you in taking down a whole slew of baddies. The Dark Matter Arcfall will pit you against difficult boss fights. Like all Arcfalls, players form all over will join in for a good ole time. Remember that jerk that guards the Golden Gate Bridge? The Dark Matter Monolith? Yea.. well, he’s one of those said bosses. Now you can whoop his metallic arse like you’ve wanted to for so long now.

I nearly forgot dueling. Like most MMOs, you can challenge a friend or stranger near you to a bit of a bully 1v1 style fight – a duel if you will. This starts a best of 3 series that will decide who is better (or has better gear). Most exciting, Trion has announced that there will be new gameplay events while the television show is between seasons. They will actually use the game to help pick up the second season. That’s pretty rad if you ask me.

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