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E3 2012: SEGA hands-on

While wandering the show floor of E3 before my SEGA appointment, I realized something. I had no idea what to expect from this tour. I saw the Sonic kart racing game and Aliens booths, but I wasn’t sure what they were bringing to the table that was new. I had a lot to learn about SEGA’s lineup at E3, and I’m glad I got to see it. The games I saw packed more than a few surprises.

I began my SEGA tour with an XBLA title, Hell Yeah!, an action-adventure in the vein of Metroid or later Castlevanias. Hell Yeah!, much like it’s genre peers, is all about exploration, gaining abilities, and cartography. It’s also about violence – crude, brutal violence. Modeled after TV shows like Ren & Stimpy and Itchy & Scratchy, the game figuratively seeps blood out of TV screen within minutes of touching the controller. Only time will tell if the ultra-violence makes the game more interesting or just more controversial, but first impressions are positive. It’s just enough gore to elicit cheers but not enough to be repulsive.

To justify such a wild art style, Hell Yeah! has to pack an equally wild story. The player takes control of a skeletal bunny, son of the king of Hell, amidst a paparazzi scandal. The prince of Hell was photographed in his bathroom gleefully playing with his rubbery ducky. The heir to Hell’s throne should never have fun in a positive way while surrounded by the punished masses. The paparazzi images leak to the Hellternet, and the prince decides the best solution to this problem is to hunt and kill all 100 monsters who saw the pictures. Luckily for him, the photos didn’t go viral.

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