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E3 2012: RIFT Storm Legion preview

After having the opportunity to witness Trion’s expansion Storm Legion, for their MMOPRG hit Rift, I gained a better understanding of just what to expect.  Sure I could mention how this expansion will increase the level cap by ten levels and add an additional four souls, but I’d rather write about some of the mechanics and gameplay already created.

The creative team stressed how they wanted more “space” to work with in their world.  What better way to add more space than to add two brand new continents; Brevane and Dusken.  The theme of these new continents is “magic tech.”  This means you can expect enemies such as golems and lots of clockwork like environments.  A focal point of the footage shown to me is a location known as the Eternal City.

Most of all, the Rift team was excited to show off a server wide raid boss called “Fallen.”  This boss is designed to be fought just wondering the world and not in any form of instance.  When I say this guy is big, I mean he is enormous.  This guy is vastly unique though because he is not your typical “tank and spank” sort of raid boss.  Instead of having a single targetable location to assault, there are a total of thirteen different attackable spots throughout his body.  Depending where you attack, he will act differently, lose certain attacks, and move differently.  When Fallen resets is not set in stone but the community will have a large say in it.

I have to say, I was impressed with Trion’s ability to add such versatility in a boss battle to break of the monotony of the MMO grind.  After the fight with Fallen, new areas will become available due to the giant breaking up the environment.  New quests and areas will be added to these regions.  Oh, and lastly, the developers know that Rift players love to jump so you better believe there will be jumping available in this fight.

You can look for this new expansion to come this Fall.

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