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E3 2012: New Super Mario Bros. U preview

Right now I’m previewing two things I never thought I I’d be previewing, a new Super Mario Bros. game and a Wii U title.  As my first time playing a Wii U game, I have to admit it was pretty damn fun.  While there exists a video of me and Lance playing New Super Mario Bros. U, I doubt that will be up before this preview goes live. 

When we played, Lance was controlling Mario and I was in charge of the Wii U tablet.  As expected, I abused my power of placing blocks down to aid Lance and instead used my god like powers to troll the hell out of him.  I would use these blocks to make jumps harder, box him away from power ups, and to try to trap him in with green shells in motion.  Despite my attempts, he was still able to complete the demo level.  I could also see the fun in actually helping the player, but this was way more fun.

Besides dodging my attempted sabotage, Mario played very similarly to past side scrolling Mario titles.  At one point he became raccoon Mario and through shaking the Wii Stick, he was able to fly.  Like the raccoon example, Mario on the Wii U brings the nostalgic familiarity fans love and know while adapting that play style to fit the unique aspects of the Wii U tablet. 

Although the demo was short, I could definitely see the allure to a multiplayer type Mario game using this new Nintendo technology.  This first Wii U experience spoke highly to me for what to expect out of this new console and Mario titles.  Color me impressed.

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