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E3 2012: Dead Space 3 preview


EA’s Visceral Games is at it again with Dead Space 3.  I had the privilege to watch the demo today at E3.  In the third game of the series they are promising it will have more enemies, more weapons, and more bosses.  We can also expect to see Isaac in deep space and planet side.  The devs also assured us that this installment of Dead Space will answer fan questions about the nature of the necromorphs and the marker.

The demo started with Isaac hanging upside down after crash landing on an icy planet.  Our hero is instantly back into action fighting both necromorphs and a brand new enemy – humans.  Unitology soldiers have taken up arms to try to stop Isaac.  Fighting against humans means new types of gameplay elements for Dead Space players.  From what I saw, there will be cover, rolling, and new and improved AI.  If you’re asking yourself if Isaac will be able to use his kinetic powers to throw back grenades at enemies, you better believe he can.  The disturbing part about all this is that if the necromorphs take over a gun wielding enemy… you got yourself a sloppy gun wielding necromorph on your hands.   

Dead Space 3 will also come with a co-op function.  Not only that, but co-op works as a drop in/ drop out as well.  This wasn’t working during the demonstration, but I did see that the invite option is right in the menu during game play.  The other player takes the role of John Carver.  When playing single player, you don’t have to worry about that NPC tagging along though – DP3 will keep the single player gameplay the same as people who love the series know and love.

As someone who has loved the past Dead Space games, I have to say the graphics and the little story I’ve seen looks exciting.  The action is intense, the human combat is unlike other third person shooters, the AI is exciting, there are plenty of interactive cut scenes, and the game is chalk full of bosses. 

My concern form the demo, is that the game might be taking on too much of an action role however.  While action isn’t bad, Dead Space has thrived as a horror game.  Necromorphs will continue to jump out, be large, disgusting, and terrifying, but I can see that fighting Unitology soldiers and the constant action take away the horror and overall environment of the game.  I have tons of hope for Dead Space 3, I just don’t want to see the series getting away from its roots.

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