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E3 2012: Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition preview

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Dark Souls is a wonderful game. Wonderful in the sense that it tries to kill you around every possible corner, and more often than not succeeds at it. PC gamers felt left out however, as they wanted to experience the thrill of fearing for their lives. Not anymore however, as the aptly titled Prepared to Die Edition will be haunting PC players soon.

We got to watch one of the Namco Bandai staff romp through the new area, though he was quite over-powered. Even so, there were a few times where he was annihilated by the tough mobs of monsters.

The new area found in the PC version/DLC is actually the same forest area from the original game, only 200 years in the past. There, four extremely tough bosses await to either smash your face in over and over again, or be vanquished by your mighty fearlessness. 

The amount of content found in this new area is actually quite substantial, and we were told would take around 10 hours to complete, though given the high difficulty, it could easily take double that time.

There wasn't a recommended level for this area, though we were told the higher the better. You don't even have to complete the game to access this area, though you do have to reach a certain point in the game that will allow access to the DLC.

PC gamers will be able to get the base game and the extra DLC all bundled together when the Prepared to Die Edition launches in August this year, though gamers who already bought the game on PS3 or Xbox 360 will be able to purchase it on PSN and Xbox Live respectively for either 800 MSP / $10 or 1200 MSP / $15.

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