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Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 - PSP - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

KOEI was showing off a couple of PS3 and PS2 titles at this year’s E3 show, but they haven’t forgotten about you PSP owners out there either. There is a planned release of Dynasty Warriors Volume 2, and it looks to bring all of the single army versus the world gameplay of its big name brethren on the PS2.

Dynasty Warriors 2 in fact looks like it will be the same gameplay and style as the games on the bigger consoles, but it will also add in a grid based selection to take you to different battlefields (possibly a stacking kind of thing … beat one, head to the next or make a decision on where to head to next) and will feature story mode, head to head mode, and a free play mode as well.

Graphically, the PSP shows off what it can do by displaying a Dynasty Warriors game that looks every bit as good as it did on the PS2, but smaller and in the palm of your hand. In addition, I didn’t see any slowdown or problems from having multiple things going on the screen at one time, so you fans out there looking for a DW title to take with you on the go should be keeping an eye on this one.    

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