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Drakengard - PS2 - Preview

E3 2003 - Hands On


The story details for Drakengard are pretty scant at the moment, but from what we know, you play as Kyme, a man who in an attempt to save his sister swaps souls with a dragon.  This binds Kyme to the dragon symbiotically, and they soon embark on a quest to save the world (in typical Square fashion).


Drakengard isn’t scheduled to be released until next year, but the graphics and intense onscreen action already looked fantastic.  Kyme fought off entire legions of enemies all by himself, and when the action got too intense for him to go solo, you could then play as your dragon friend and strafe the enemies with fireballs and then jump back down and fight them hand-to-hand some more.  When it’s released next year, Drakengard will have evolving characters, amazing scope, and some really fun dragon action. 


Action/Adventure fans (and Square fanboys) won’t be disappointed.


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