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Drake of the 99 Dragons - PC - Preview 2

Inserting the Drake preview CD into my PC, I questioned what I was in store for.  A brilliant innovation in gaming, mixing comic book style visualization, an enthralling storyline, and intense game play action at every corner or a dud in the making? As it turns out, this game is becoming quiet an adrenaline-pumping adventure from start to finish.

The 99 Dragons Clan has been murdered. Even worse, the ancient artifact they guard, stolen. With its power, one can trap the souls of the living and resurrect those who have crossed over. As Drake, a member of the 99 Dragons, you have been mysteriously brought back from the dead to right these wrongs.

Drake is a 3rd-person shooter, offering a wide array of supernatural weapons and martial arts to take revenge on your enemies and reclaim the artifact before it’s too late.  The gameplay delivers a solid formula of dual-gun control and unnatural character movement, such as wielding two completely different kinds of guns in each hand, running across walls, and controlling time.  The auto-targeting system also gives Drake the advantage against his foes.

But the immediate attraction to Drake lies within the graphics.  What is now known as ‘rim light texturing’ or ‘light illumination’, it goes beyond cel shading to create an interactive and very creative environmental mapping.

Upon completion, Drake will include 5 game stages with 25 missions, story driven plotline, 30 unique characters, weapons galore, supernatural powers, and much more to make Drake one game to look out for.

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