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Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire - WII - Preview

Ever since Twilight Princess hit the Wii way back when the system launched last year, there has been a drought of good hack n’ slash games on the console. This is particularly odd considering how the well the Wii lends itself to the genre, given its control potential.

Fortunately, D3Publisher of America is stepping up to the plate with their upcoming hack n’ slash action/adventure, Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire. In the game, you are charged with saving the world from evil dragons, utilizing special dragon parts in order to progress through the stages. Dragon Blade could be just the ticket for Wii gamers looking for a new fantasy-action title for their system.

Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire Wii screenshots

Dragon Blade will feature an original story by acclaimed writer Richard Knaak, known for his work in the Dragonlance series and Warcraft novelizations. The story and the game’s setting will have a noticeable Asian influence as opposed to a Western one, something that will be apparent in the look of the dragons. The graphical presentation was slightly cartoony, but had a distinct charm to it.

The game’s story is divided into levels that have you fighting a dragon boss at the end. While completing the levels, you gain special dragon abilities. You can use the Dragon Fists, which lets you punch your foes with huge dragon arms, the dragon wings, which protect you and allow you to double jump, and several more. Each one of these abilities is essential when you face that stage’s main boss dragon.

Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire Wii screenshots

The Wii-mote allows you to slice your sword up/down/left/right when fighting your enemies. You can also use the Wii-mote/Nunchuck combo in order to swing your fists with the Dragon Fists power. While the preview build wasn’t hands-on, the slight gestures make during the demo session showed promise for the game’s controls.

Whereas the game has some similarities to Zelda, the devs assert that Dragon Blade will be more of an action game than a puzzler. The game will have some puzzles intermixed in the action, but the ratio between action and puzzles will be about 80/20. The game will also be fairly linear, allowing gamers to get right into the action.

Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire Wii screenshots

Dragon Blade looks to be the type of title that the Wii is in need of, a fun and engaging hack n’ slash adventure. Check it out this fall.

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