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Dragon Age Origins - PS3 - Preview

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Last month, we took a look at a boss battle and had some hands-on time with BioWare’s upcoming epic RPG Dragon Age Origins. At this year’s E3, the game was on-hand again to showcase the it’s “softer” side via its deep character interaction features.

In your party’s camp, you’ll be able to interact with characters in your group and develop relationships with them. While some of these relationships can be strictly platonic, BioWare revealed how you can even forge romances with certain characters. The dialogue chains can allow you to flirt with other characters, give them gifts, and even, er, get a little intimate.

However, while that’s all well and good, the game delves even deeper, creating love triangles. As you mingle and flirt with characters, others will become jealous and angry that you’re not directing your efforts to them. As you anger other characters in your group, this can affect their performance in combat, making them not fight as well, or even leave your group or try to attack you.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a true gameplay demo without a huge boss battle. The developers ran us through a situation where they revealed how they got the aforementioned book to woo the girl, where they took on another shapeshifter who turned into a giant dragon and attacked the party. As with the earlier boss fight event at EA3, the action was fast and furious and required each unit to work with the others as a team in order to vanquish the foe.

We were even able to try our hands at the console versions of the game. While the story and gameplay content will be the same across the board, the game will utilize specially made controller schemes for each the Xbox 360 and PS3. The control scheme feels very comfortable on consoles, almost as though they were made with them in mind.

More details are revealed from Dragon Age, and should further strengthen the fervor behind this highly-anticipated title. Look for it this October.


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