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DK : King of Swing DS - NDS - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

If you thought it was weird playing games that use a touch screen in place of traditional buttons, just wait till you see DK King of Swing DS. This Donkey Kong sequel has nothing to do with the Country series, and believe me, they aren’t monkeyin’ around. It’s going to take a lot of time and patience to get used to what sounds like an easy control scheme. In fact it’s not easy, and will completely change the way you think about action/adventure games. 

What could be so massive to do that? In DK King of Swing DS, you don’t use the face buttons. You don’t use the D-pad for navigation. Currently, you don’t use the touch screen either. That only leaves two buttons for movement: L and R. 

DK : King of Swing DS screenshots

Similar to the way Donkey Kong Jungle Beat had players clapping and drumming on one or both sides to make Donkey Kong walk, run, and jump, DK King of Swings DS uses the L and R buttons for jumping and climbing. You press and release both buttons to jump. If there’s an area worth hanging onto, DK will grab on. By holding the R button DK will start to move clockwise. He’ll keep moving until you release the button, or do something else (hint: press the L button). L moves DK in the opposite direction. 

DK : King of Swing DS screenshots

Aside from being unique, this gameplay style sounds very difficult. I watched as many a gamer struggled to make DK swing properly. At one point there weren’t any world elements to grab and seemingly no objective – the player had to repeatedly press the top shoulder buttons and hop toward an angled barrel. The barrel, as any DKC fan knows, is a key element in navigation. It is unclear as to how much of a role the barrels will play in this game, but their function hasn’t changed since the 16-bit era. Hop in and it’ll launch you in the direction that it’s pointed. Assuming the barrels are consistently as they are in DKC, they could be very helpful in this game…or lead you right into the hands of an enemy.


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