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Dissidia Final Fantasy - PSP - Preview 2

The first straight-up action game to feature Final Fantasy characters since Ehrgeiz, Dissidia is more than just a pointless juxtaposition of well-known warriors from the franchise. Instead, the game weaves a pretty compelling story that pits characters from just about every previous entry to the franchise, good and evil, and pits them in battles to determine the fate of the world.

The game’s story follows characters from the entire Final Fantasy canon as they fight against the forces of Chaos in the name of Cosmos, the goddess of harmony. You’ll face off against enemies as popular and storied as the heroes, including Sephiroth, Garland, Golbez, Kefka, and several others as you struggle to restore balance.

In between fights, you have to navigate a grid with your character using their Destiny Points. Destiny Points allow you to move around the grid and instigate battles with enemies or open treasure chests. Should you finish the grid’s objective and get to the Stigma of Chaos, you’ll be rated on your performance in battle as well as whether or not you were able to complete the grid with Destiny Points left over, in which case you can get some pretty nice bonuses.

In battle, the fights will be one-on-one fare, and take place on a completely 3-dimensional grid, and you’ll have to attack your enemy using HP and Bravery Attacks. Bravery Attacks lower your opponent’s attack power while raising your own, while HP attacks will do actual damage to them. Winning these battles will level your character up, giving you better stats while getting better items and equipment. You’ll also be able to pull off a variety of special attacks, including magical spells, summons, and other cool looking “limit break” type moves.

Aside from the story mode, there is an arcade mode that plays out like a standard fighting game, where you’ll have to choose one character from either the Cosmos side or the Chaos side, and progress through a series of random battles against other main characters.

One element that Dissidia nails very well is the visual presentation. The game looks great, and the fresh designs for the characters are great. However, the summons and special moves really take the cake, as they’re rendered with the same caliber as the games from the proper Final Fantasy canon, and are an absolute blast to watch.

Dissidia is shaping up to be a fine action game that does a great amount of fan service to Final Fantasy gamers, and should provide many hours of engaging and fun gameplay. Look for our full review when the game releases.

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