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Disney's Toontown Online - PC - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look


I enjoy MMORPG games, but am really hesitant to let my 9 year old play them for the dialogue that happens many times or even the player’s names themselves. Disney and Buena Vista are looking to change that with a new MMORPG title called ToonTown Online.


In standard MMORPG fashion, players are prompted to create a character consisting mostly of their look and clothing vs. 3000 different skills to try and figure out to help with ease and simplicity of gameplay for the youngsters. Players will venture into a big Disney world where they can meet up and go adventuring with friends or play mini games to stock up on jellybeans that buy more gags. That’s right … no weapons here folks. Instead, the turn based combat (also common to MMORPG games) is played out with squirt bottles, pies, and even dropping pianos on your opponent or even using a fishing pole to reel them closer for close up gags. There will also be emphasis on different gag styles, so you could still build a well-balanced party of tanks and support characters in a family friendly and non-violent kind of way.


For you grown ups, don’t let the young appearance fool you. ToonTown Online contains the addictive elements of MMORPGs in an environment that won’t expose you or your kids to foul language, foul player names, or griefing (killing players and stealing their things) found in many other titles out there. This is all thanks to a consistent world monitoring and even a name registration if you decide to select your own instead of the ones that they have set up which have to pass trough approval.


ToonTown Online is looking fun, and you can expect to see it here in the next few months.

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