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Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure - GBA - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look

When we think of skateboarding, the first names that come to mind usually are not Tarzan, Woody, or Buzz from Disney's more recent movie lineup. Usually, we think of ... who else ... Tony Hawk. He's had a great series of fun and addictive skating titles out, and who better than to take on a Disney skateboarding project than the original developers of the series? Activision is looking to change our thinking on "who's the best skater around" with Disney's Extreme Skate.

This game will actually use the Tony Hawk engine that we all know and love, but add in characters from Disney movies that both grown ups and kids will recognize. For example, the elephant from Tarzan was riding his own little bamboo board and grinding it up while Woody was ripping it up on Hot Wheels tracks scattered around Andy's room. The graphics were already looking good, with toys, environments, and objects being brightly colored and placed just enough for you to pull off lots of cool tricks and combos. There's also a create a player mode that's added in for additional fun for all.

Keep an eye out for Disney Extreme Skate around August 2003.


Vampire : The Masquerade - Bloodlines

First Look

Vampire looks like it's going to be an awesome game in all aspects, even though it's still a work in progress.

Vampires on the big screen have always been captured our nightmares and imaginations dating all the way back to the days of Lon Chaney. Nowadays, vampires have become sort of a pop culture kind of thing, with big screen hits like Blade, Vampires, and Dusk till Dawn. Activision is making a stand alone sequel to it's original Vampire : The Masquerade game ... and it's looking pretty nasty (in a good way) already. In this newest version, you can actually pick which clan you want to be in from the RPG series (Brujah, Nosferatu, etc.) and the clan choices or actions will actually affect NPC reaction and dialogue as you go about your shadowy ways. For example, the more beautiful Malkavians will be more adept in getting NPC's to talk to them (or do various other things ... there IS a strip club in the game)while the beastly Nosferatu will usually send people running the other way. In addition, killing and revealing yourself to the world may get the clan leader on your tail for your blantant stupidity, and continuing to be careless may lead you into getting assasinated. Currently they are working on a vampire vs. vampire hunter multiplayer mode, and have ported all of the attributes like lockpicking, computers, etc. in from the tabletop RPG that White Wolf released X amount of years ago. The graphics are already VERY detailed down to light reflections in the eyes and facial emotions portrayed very well. For all you hunters of the night, be looking for this one in Spring of 2004.


Crime Story - XBox - First Look

Crime Story looks to take two styles that we all play and love and fuse them together for a lot of action packed fun.

When GTA3 was released, everyone was amazed at how well everything was done ... and who doesn't enjoy fighting and stealing cars now and then? Activision is now heading onto the map as well for that same huge environment and fun play style with Crime Story for the XBox. Now, don't think that this is a GTA3 clone by any means ... to think that would be a mistake. Crime Story puts you into the role of Nick Cane, a cop who makes his own rules busting up the bad guys (and some public property in the process). Part of the game played out with Nick driving and responding to various calls or concerns from his department ... like a carjacking or parole violation ... and heads out to deal with the mess. Once you decide to confront your victim and leave the vehicle, the game moves to a 3rd person shot where you can kick, punch, and even perform "finishing moves" (not MK violent ones, just flipping them onto a car and whatnot) to apprehend the criminal. Activision is also fusing in a good combo system as well which will allow you to do a little more than "hit A repeatedly" or some other repetitive things we've all seen before. 240 miles of Los Angeles have been mapped out and available for you to move around in, and the graphics are already looking great with some good lighting and environmental reflections and good character modeling. Be looking for Crime Story around Fall 2003.

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