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Disney's A Christmas Carol - NDS - Preview

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Releasing as a companion to the upcoming blockbuster film this winter, A Christmas Carol on the Nintendo DS is a combination of a puzzler and adventure title. Can Disney make this upcoming children’s game, one that is aimed at 6-11 years old, and turn it into an excellent adaptation?

Not following the entire film in its entirety – you can only squeeze so much into a Nintendo DS title – A Christmas Carol has players looking through the levels for hidden objects and clues to advance. The objects that can be found include stars and bells that players can use to decorate Christmas trees.

As you advance through the game, players will unlock mini-games to play. These mini-games, once unlocked, will become available in the main menu to play at one’s own leisure. One of the mini-games that were shown off was a level where Scrooge was side-scrolling across the screen and players must throw snowballs at him, drop buckets of water on him, and much more to agitate him. The more agitated he becomes, the more his face expresses displeasure at his walk home.

Promoting literacy, the game will have the full text of the Charles Dickens’s novel for the younger audience. This feature allows for children to become introduced to the beloved novel and they can even bookmark their places to come back and read more of the story whenever they desire. Personally, this is one of the best attributes of the game as the novel is read as if it was on an Amazon Kindle and promotes children to learn how to read.

Exclusively for the Nintendo DS, A Christmas Carol will hit store shelves on November 3, three days before the film hits theatres.


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