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Disgaea: Hour of Darkness - PS2 - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look

One thing that we haven't seen much of lately on next - gen systems is turn based strategy games. Atlus is looking to change that with their newest entrance into the PS2 gaming market called Disgaea. Basically, this is a 3-D turn based strategy game with some good gameplay, good graphics, and a solid story with some humorous writing. 

There are some things that will make Disgaea unique and different from other turn based games that have been released in the past. For starters, parts of the map called Geo Panels can either add or subtract abilities to you or your opponents characters ... but they can also be destroyed or picked up and moved to add a new unique element to turn based strategy titles. In addition, characters can be picked up and thrown. For example, if one of your characters is almost dead due to a massive hit ... you can actually pick up the attacker and throw him X amount of spaces away to avoid dying. Also, you can actually enter magical worlds of certain items that you find, where defeating the inhabitant monsters that dwell there will actually make your weapon stronger. The game has 40 hours already, and this will just add in additional playtime to the final experience. 

Disgaea looks very promising for all you strategy fans out there, and you can expect to see this hitting the retail shelves in September or October of this year. 

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