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Devastation - PC - Preview

OK … I’m starting to get a glimpse of what the future will look like, especially after playing hours and hours of games like Terminator 2 and Red Faction. Basically, the world will be run by one united government … machine or human … and will oppress all of the citizens until one group of freedom fighting rebels steps up to the plate and takes them down. Seriously though folks … it’s always been a neat concept for movies and games alike, and now a new FPS is in the works called Devastation is shaping up to deliver some explosive FPS post apocalyptic gameplay for those of you with itchy trigger fingers.


The world of Devastation takes place in the future where the world is under the control of oppressive corporations and their police squads who use brutality and fear to keep everyone in line. You get to play as the leader of a team of rebels named Flynn Haskell whose mission is to quit working on the small time payoff and head straight to the top and take out the big timers themselves. While it may sound similar to some other games out there, there are a few noticeable elements that have been utilized to make it a little different and help it stand out on its own.


Now, I don’t really want to give a whole lot away in the preview, but I’ll just let you in on a couple of neat things that Arush did which help make this game a good experience and something you should look forward to getting. Aside from tight controls and cool storyline, they also added in a bunch of varying mission objectives which can range from finding a pair of pliers to escorting a teammate through hostile territory and having to keep him alive. Your squad buddies also will lend assistance to you in the form of verbal cues at times if you seem to have gotten stuck or unsure what to do next, and you can issue orders to your teammates as well to have them do different things like attack, follow, or provide cover fire. It’s not as detailed as Rogue Spear, but to a run and gun blaster like myself … that’s not a bad thing.


Secondly, the amount and types of weapons that were added into the game are a FPS player’s dream. Arush included everything that you’ve seem before like sub machine guns and using uzis in both hands, but also added in some cool spins on conventional style weaponry like lasers with sniper zoom capability and even three different types of sniper rifles to use in varying light degrees for maximum accuracy and stealth killing ability. There is also some “unconventional” and really unique weapons available as well, like a broken beer bottle for melee combat or even a remote controlled rat outfitted with a camera and explosives which can scout out areas, fit through tight spaces and disable machinery, or even run into hostile territory unnoticed to blow up a group of enemies before they even know what hit them.


On a final gameplay note, there is a lot more to Devastation than just running around and blowing things up. Sometimes you have to be stealthy to avoid getting blasted away in 10 seconds … but even more impressive is the hint of espionage and technology that is included. You will not only have to mow down hordes of oppressive police forces in your journey, but also will have to download codes from computers, upload information, disable machines, and do little things like cut through fences or chain locks to achieve and meet your objectives.


Graphically, Devastation is looking incredible. The environment has a dark, dirty look to it (Reminiscent of T2 or something similar) filled with fully interactive garbage laying around and even things like decimated school buses or health boosting powerups which look like blood bags and consist of liquefied chicken. The “little things” are also shaping up to be great as well, like gently blowing cobwebs in doorways and some really fantastic lighting effects which make some areas look almost realistic and will definitely rival even the top sellers that are out nowadays. One particular thing that I really liked about this game graphically was the way that the freedom fighters were done. They weren’t outfitted in heavy body armor or looked like some unstoppable armored human tank … they just looked normal. Like normal people fighting for a worthy cause and sick of being oppressed. The heroes were donned in things like flannel shirts, baseball caps, or cutoff tops with leather pants. They didn’t look fancy, but hopped behind rubble to return fire with the best of them.


Overall, this is a title that you FPS fans need to pay attention to and keep an eye out for, and will definitely please you trigger happy virtual killers out there in single player or multiplayer modes. Even in the preview version, Devastation is turning out to be an action packed, computer hacking ride through a futuristic hell which looks so good, you will be ducking under the computer desk for cover when things start getting ugly. This will no doubt be on the top ten “must get” gaming list for 2003 for me, and I can’t wait to see the end result.

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