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Deus Ex: Invisible War - PC - Preview

Deus Ex: The Invisible War, the sequel to the excellent Deus Ex, is shaping up to be released in the coming weeks.  GameZone recently got a chance to sit down with a preview and, from what I saw, fans of the original and newcomers alike should have plenty to salivate over. 


Those who missed the first Deus Ex (an excellent game, yet not one that gained as much fame as it should have) missed out on an exciting FPS/RPG with deep role-playing elements and a fantastically weaving epic sci-fi story.  The sequel hopes to repeat that with a deep storyline filled with tons of turns and twists that will keep you in suspense until the very end.


The game’s story begins shortly after the destruction of Chicago. Your character, Alex D. (either a man or woman, depending on your choice), is a trainee for Taurus Academy and just happens to have been from Chicago.  Your character has nano-augmentations similar to the ones introduced in the first game.  After that, the story details are on the down-low, but gamers can expect a rich and intertwining journey much like that of the first game.


Although it’s an FPS, the gun fighting transcends standard “shoot anything that moves” action.  The gameplay in Deus Ex: Invisible War is extremely deep and non-linear; you can solve any problem or situation by using any variety of means.  Violence and gunfire, while certainly a possible solution, is not the only means for getting through a situation.  You have a good many non-weapon items to help you solve problems through non-violence, like multitools, which allow you to bypass electrical locks or hack a subsystem.  You can interact with NPCs you meet, get offered side-quests for extra credits, and you can interact with basically everything that isn’t bolted down, like grabbing chairs and chucking them across the room.


Your character makes use of biomods, internal augmentations in his/her body that allow them to have certain special abilities throughout the game.  A few examples are increased leg power for running and jumping, stealth abilities that render you near invisible and night vision are all abilities to be gained through picking up biomods. These mods and how you use them will greatly affect your gameplay experience and how you approach situations within the game.


The graphics in Deus Ex: Invisible War are pretty incredible, sure to drop a lot of jaws.  The overall mood is very dark and urban, kind of like Bladerunner or any number of moody futuristic sci-fi films.  The lighting effects are nothing short of amazing, the use of shadow and bump mapping makes the environmental textures stand out fantastically.  The player models also look great, showcasing an awful lot of detail.  Overall, the graphical style was very dark and desolate, perfect for this game’s atmosphere.


The sound effects are excellent as well.  Although most were crisp, some of the voices sounded tinny and compressed, something that could be cleaned up before the game goes gold.  The music has a nice ambient techno quality, setting the mood nicely.


Deus Ex: Invisible War builds on the great gameplay formula of its predecessor with a new storyline and setting and jaw-dropping graphics, making it possibly the biggest title at the end of the year.


Look for it in early December.


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