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Destroy All Humans! 2 - PS2 - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

When last we left our little alien friend, Crypto, he was running about the 1950s Earth collecting DNA samples to help re-populate his species (the Furons). Well, that was the 50s, now it is the 60s and Crypto, who has gained a lot of power, has grown up to be …

You guessed it, president of the United States. Of course, he is in disguise.

But if you think collecting DNA samples was hard on him, just wait til you see the mess he is in now. The Soviet menace is on the rise, the Cold War is firmly ensconced, and when the Soviets shoot down the Furon mothership, Crypto is off on a mission to find out what is going on.

The game will touch on other major areas of the world (not just generic town, USA), including London, Japan and the Soviet Union. Once again, the alien star of the game will be armed with a variety of weapons and his little ship (which is again able to fly and has a destructo-type beam).  

The game is mission-based and there are multiple mission threads that you can go down. Scanning thoughts and body snatching is a big part of the game, and in a very irreverent touch, Crypto has absorbed so much DNA that he is growing his own genitalia and living large in the world. The game’s developers (on hand at a pre-E3 THQ event to show the game) admitted that they are pushing the humor as far as they can, banking off every 1960s stereotype possible. The humor does seem a little forced at times.

In DAH 2, Crypto’s UFO can be called to various drop zones, once they are unlocked and can be used to upgrade weapons, or use it as a gene blender, of sorts. Everything in the world is destructible, and the game will allow for a sandbox style in terms of game modes.

The look has not changed much from the first game, with perhaps a few more 1960s inspired special effects.

‘Free spirited’ would be one way to describe this game, with a lot of action, riddled with humor (and attempts at it – some references may be a little vague unless you are familiar with the time frame), a good look and lots of action. Fans of the original may find this a worthy sequel, or just more of the same, while those new to the series will be immersed in a highly irreverent world where little is sacred.


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