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DemiKids: Dark Version - GBA - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look

I've always enjoyed the Persona series going all the way back to the original release on the PSX system, and was pleased to hear that DemiKids on the Game Boy Advance is a spin off of the same series ... only not quite as dark or maturely themed as the Persona series. One of the biggest things that I found interesting about this new game is that it actually comes in two different cartridges, one light and one dark, and each will have a similar but different storyline.

Basically, Jin, Akira, and Lena are snooping around the library in school one day, and find a book which is filled with incantations and rituals. In messing with what they shouldn't, they summon out a powerful demon. Another student named Amy appears, and shows them how to use a gun called the Demiloc to capture and summon demons. The light and dark versions each have their own story of the kids and their decent into Valhalla, and each has it's own unique demons to capture and fuse ... but you can also trade from version to version which will create and breed newer creatures that will be stronger than the ones that you get from just one version. With over 350 demon types and two different versions to play, you can expect that there will be a lot of different gameplay and options to give good replay value.

DemiKids is scheduled for an October release this year.

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