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Defendin' De Penguin - WII - Preview

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Developed by the creators of Purr Pals and Baby Pals, Defendin’ De Penguin is a title that caters to an audience that is 12 and younger. Simplifying the real-time strategy genre, the game will make use of the Wii Remote to aim Little Blue, the star of the game, in the right direction in the game.

Players must assist Little Blue throughout the game by helping him fend off nasty creatures who want him for lunch. With the ability to set up towers and bases that will help Little Blue’s defense, Defendin’ De Penguin has all the regular features of the RTS genre. While it isn’t as action-oriented as other RTS, players can rest assured that strategy elements remain in tact for Defendin’ De Penguin.

There are effectively eight different tower types to help defend Little Blue from animals such as a bear or a large crab that will run rampant in your little town. Other creatures that’ll appear in the game include: wooly mammoths, snow men, seals, snapping turtles and many others that want to inflict pain on Little Blue.

As the truly first real-time strategy game that is geared towards kids 12 and under, Defendin’ De Penguin will have kids wanting to save the little fur ball from danger. Beyond releasing on the Nintendo Wii, the title will show up on the Nintendo DS before the end of the summer.


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