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Def Jam: Icon - 360 - Preview

EA Chicago - Hands On Preview

Def Jam: Icon is the third Def Jam title which puts you in control of your favorite rapper who fights against other stars of hip-hop. Kudo the Executive Producer for Def Jam: Icon took a few minutes to talk about the next Def Jam. This installment will be injecting the hip-hop lifestyle into all of the core game play mechanics. Everything in the environment is animating and pulsating to the beat of the music. Buildings in the background and even rubbish bounce with each beat. As soon as the big beat comes up, hazards like fire shoot out.



The level that I played was a gas station. When you first start playing, the gas tanks are shown in the background. If you throw someone into the gas tank, it breaks, and flames spout from the ground. As mentioned earlier, if you know a big beat is coming, it would be a good choice to throw your opponent over the broken gas tank so that they are engulfed in fire for bigger damage. Another interactive element was the brushes from the car wash. They came rolling out on the right side during big beats. Finally, and this is something you only get from next generation games, I could see people and activity inside the gas station. In fact, it looked like someone was ready with a fire extinguisher.


A representative from Def Jam explained to me that every detail in the game will be true to life, all the way down to the sneakers that your character is wearing. During the tour of the EA Chicago office, we were shown the face scanning technology. This is what they use to make sure that artists featured in the game like Ludacris, T.I., and Big Boi, look so real.


The final game will be available in March, 2007 for your Xbox 360 or PS3. There will be 10 stages and about 30 characters. Not a big hip-hop fan? You can load up your own music, and the game will have beat detection to find the beats from any song. I can only imagine how funny this game would be with some smooth Barry Manilow playing. I know his songs have some big beats. :)


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