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Deep Labyrinth - NDS - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

While I was at the Atlus booth, I noticed that they were doing quite a bit with strategy and anime style gaming for both the PS2 and the handheld systems. One game that stood out to me that they are working on is a title called Deep Labyrinth, which is neither anime nor is it a strategy title. Instead, it is a first person RPG game for the DS which utilizes both of the screens well to bring a magical world to life. 

In the opening, your character is dropped into a world, and he is unsure of where he is. You will soon wield a sword and move FPS style through it taking on various monsters and creatures as you go, and it really reminded me a lot of what it might be like if a game like Morrowind (without the large cities and interactions) was made for the smaller systems.

Deep Labyrinth Nintendo DS screenshots

On the DS, the top screen shows your map, inventory, etc, while the bottom screen shows what is going on in your character’s viewpoint. Combat moved smoothly, and I was able to rush in and swing, then back up without much problem. There also looks like there might be some good potential for some boss battles, as the opening showed a huge red dragon and one of the demos showed a large treant like creature bearing down on the character.  

For you RPG fans looking for something that looks promising and potentially immersive that you will be able to take on the go with you, this is definitely a title that you should be on the lookout for. 

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