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Deca Sports 2 - WII - Preview

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With over two million units having shipped for the original game, Hudson’s DECA Sports is safely one of the most successful third party titles to hit the system. Now, the publisher is getting ready to release their follow-up to the assorted sports title, DECA Sports 2. Offering a whole new host of sports events and for the first time online gameplay, DECA Sports 2 brings back the fun and accessible gameplay style of the original game to a whole new group of sports.

Each of the DECA Sports 2 games are pretty easy to pick up and play, with some requiring a nunchuck and others playable with only the Wii remote itself. Of the four sports that we tried out at Hudson’s booth at this year’s E3, there were Kendo, Speed Skating, Mogul Skiing and Ice Hockey.

Each game played very easily, with the majority of moves tied to combining button presses with waves of the Wii remote. The Kendo allowed players to change stances and wave the remote to strike at their opponent, Speed Skating and Mogul Skiing requiring rhythmic waves of the Wii remote and Nunchuck, and Ice Hockey played similarly to old-school NES hockey games like Ice Hockey or Blades of Steel.

DECA Sports is shaping up to be a fun and engaging title that any type of gamer can get into. Plus, the online component (while not available for all games within the compilation) should be a great way to take on your friends in a variety of different sporting events. Look for DECA Sports 2 this fall.


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