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Deadly Creatures - WII - Preview

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E3 2008 Preview

The idea of a video game with spiders is nothing new. The thought of controlling them, while creepy to some and intriguing to others, was explored in an ill-fated game for PSone. Resident Evil, the series that made you face the creepiest and most realistic-looking spiders of all, has recently chosen other creatures instead. It would seem that the spider, once the king of eerie, is standing on its last legs. But if he's able to spring back into action, the credit might go to Deadly Creatures, an unusual action title where you control both a scorpion and a tarantula.

These creatures have one goal in mind: survival. As such, you'll explore the lands, battle your natural enemies (snakes, other types of spiders, etc.), eat dozens of crickets and navigate the twisting, corkscrew environment. The gameplay seems to fall in line with other Wii action titles: a little shake here, a little shake there, and a press of the A button for another kind of attack. Whether or not this will turn out to be a fun mix is up to the developers. But one thing is already clear: they definitely know how to make these critters look creepy.

While controlling the tarantula, the guy in charge of the kiosk often stopped to point out something about the controls, scenery, or story. But it was the thing he didn't say that stood out the most. If you put down the controller and walk away, the tarantula doesn't stop living. He stays in the area but moves slightly, eerily, with legs twitching as if he had become antsy.

The story is somewhat unexpected: it involves humans. No, it isn't some crazy extermination plot (well, not as far as we know) but may involve a murder mystery. Throughout various parts of the levels shown at E3, there were portions where humans could be heard talking nearby. The tarantula stopped moving, likely because it sensed danger, and the camera tilted up toward the rambling men. They don't sound too happy, ending their conversation with a comment about digging up someone.

This unlikely combination might be just what the game needs to be a success when it releases at the end of the year (or early January, as THQ noted).

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