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Dead Space Extraction - WII - Preview

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Dead Space: Extraction takes place before the events in the first Dead Space game, and leads up to the events that found Isaac Clark fending off a variety of necromorphs on board the USS Ishimura. On a mining colony, an unknown marker is discovered, causing the miners to go crazy. Also, a virus breaks out, causing a quarantine to be set on the base. You play as a member of a crew of mining colonists who are denied entry to the Ishimura following the quarantine and are required to force your way on board.

The demo build showcased at EA’s recent EA3 event in Los Angeles began with a bang as the crew tried to board the Ishimura, and being fended off with gunfire. You must use the cannon on your ship to shoot down the Ishimura’s gunfire in order to get on board the ship. Once on, you find yourself at the mercy of a variety of hideous necromorphs, and are forced to take them down with a variety of weaponry.

An on-rails shooter similar to the House of the Dead franchise, Dead Space: Extraction has you moving through a variety of settings shooting the familiar creatures and monsters from the first game. You’ll use the strategic dismemberment system from the first game, shooting off limbs in order to defeat your enemies while using the least amount of ammo. The weaponry in the game will be familiar to fans of the first game, as you’ll find yourself using old standbys like plasma cutters and plasma rifles. Additionally, you’ll be able to use your stasis ability from the first game in order to gain entry to certain areas as well as slow down your enemies as they attack you.

Although it’s an on-rails shooter, the game keeps things pretty interesting and goes in a different direction than other games in the genre. You’ll be able to engage in a free-look mode at certain moments in order to find items and ammo in the environment, and be able to find different routes to go through. One of the unique areas showcased in the demo had the player playing through a dark area armed with their weapon and a glowstick in order to see. In order to activate the glowstick, the player constantly had to shake the Wii remote while still trying to fend off the oncoming necromorphs. This added a pretty intense feeling to the segment and felt different from other shooters.

The game recognizes the Wii remote’s accelerometer, allowing you to turn the controller sideways in order to use alternate fire. Additionally, the game uses a Gears of War-style reload function, where hitting the reload button a second time at the right moment allows you to reload your weapon faster.

Dead Space: Extraction will feature drop-in drop-out co-op, allowing a second shooter to get in on the action at any time.

Dead Space: Extraction is a great playing and great looking Wii game that looks nearly as solid as its next-gen counterparts, and promises to be a scary hellride in the spirit of its predecessor. Look for it this fall.

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