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Dead Rising - 360 - Preview

E3 2006 Hands On Preview

If you’ve seen anything on Dead Rising, you may have first thought it was going to be just like Resident Evil. If you haven’t realized you’re wrong yet, or you just haven’t heard of it at all, keep reading.

You play as Frank West, a journalist that wants to be famous. In search of a scoop he stumbles upon a zombie-infested town. Now he must survive the attack, but he still hasn’t forgotten his first job – take pictures!

Where this game differs from Resident Evil is the level of fear. In Resident Evil your character is scared, the music is scary, and things jump out at you trying to startle you. In Dead Rising Frank West is obviously not scared at all, there’s no scary music, and you can usually see zombies from a mile away.

The demo here at E3 took place within a mall featuring a wide variety of shops to explore. As I ran around the mall I noticed I could interact with almost every object in the mall. Frank can carry quite a few items at a time, so I stocked up on some clothing hangers, a bucket, a cash register, and a golf club. Once I left the store I was greeted by a large group of zombies, so I tried out my golf club first. I hit the closest zombie with it, and then proceeded to hit golf balls into the further ones. I could even aim in detail where to hit the golf ball. After that I switched to my bucket and stuck it on the nearest zombies head. As he started to blindly wander in the other direction I stuck the hanger in his buddy’s face. As I mentioned before, this game is gruesome. The cash register I could use to bash zombies up close, or throw it and take out multiple targets. Each hit made a pretty solid “squelch” with a spray of gore to follow.

This is just an example of what I did. Dead Rising is totally open, so I was able to run around the mall and do whatever I dreamed up. I used other weapons such as plant pots, benches, barbells, CD’s, a katana, and my fists. There are even wrestling moves and various hand-to-hand combos to punish the undead with, but I couldn’t figure out how to do them with my limited time on the demo. You can also change your clothes at various stores, which resulted in my character wearing cutoff jean shorts and a Mega Man mask.

In Dead Rising you will meet other survivors as well, and they’ll request certain favors of you. The time also passes realistically from day to night and back to day, even if you leave Frank standing in the corner. Some events are time sensitive, meaning if you’re not careful you could miss some missions or fail time-based ones.

Dead Rising was a lot of fun and I wish I could have had more time with it. The graphics were great for having so many characters on-screen, and the variation on the zombies was surprising. I don’t remember seeing the same zombie twice, but I imagine it could start to happen after a lot of play time. Capcom didn’t tell me when they planned on releasing Dead Rising, but it can’t be too far off. At this time it’s only planned for Xbox 360.

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