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DC Universe Online - PS3 - Preview

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It’s been almost a year since the last look at SOE’s pending massively multiplayer online game based on the DC comics universe – and aptly entitled DC Universe Online. Well, DCUO was back at E3 this year in the Los Angeles Convention Center and this time it was playable.

For those that don’t know what the game is about, here are the key features, as published in a SOE press release:

  • DCUO is an action-focused superhero game in a fully-realized DC Universe.

  • Players can experience the intensity of a 3D world created in the artistic vision of legendary comic-book artist Jim Lee and WildStorm Productions.

  • DCUO uses a state-of-the-art physics engine that turns the world into your weapon.

  • Players will be able to create their own custom hero or villain and will embark on story-driven adventures penned by famous DC writers.

  • DCUO game play is being optimized for the PC and PS3.

  • The DCUO game world’s depth will span the entire DC Universe, including the key cities of Gotham and Metropolis.

Wes Yanagi, a senior producer conducting the tour of the game, said one of the key elements of the game was to allow players “to establish your own legacy in the DC Universe.” Players will work through missions, often alongside some of the legendary comic book heroes, and then – depending on if they are playing a hero (players can also create and play as villains) – can be invited to join the Justice League.

All the missions in the game will have various achievements and encounter loot, and players can level, and through the leveling process they can further customize their characters through the skill trees.

While much of the game is still being developed and elements were not finalized for inclusion in the E3 display, the UI is (so far) simple and players can slot up to four powers as well as four consumables or buffs. (If you think in terms of the PS3 controller, and assigning skills to the hot buttons, then four is the base number).

Even though the game is a long ways from finished, the graphics were smooth and taking a custom character into combat alongside Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman (in different sections of the mission map) was a nice experience.


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