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DC Universe Online E3 preview


“In DC Universe Online, it’s about you … It’s about your story … You are the next legend.”

That was the preamble to the booth meeting focusing on Sony Online Entertainment’s upcoming massively multiplayer game based off the DC comic book world. The game, which is slated to launch on the PC and PS3 platforms, is gearing up for release latter this year.

What sets the DCUO world apart from other games in the super-hero genre are the iconic characters that are prominent in the player-versus-environment. You can fight alongside Superman, Batman or even The Joker. You can be good or evil, but DCUO offers up a darker game when it comes to some of the evil characters. The episodes are the story arcs of the game and all the episodes involve iconic characters. And there are no shortage of those in the game; devs said there were 80 iconics in the title.

A level that was playable featured Harley Quinn, and that girl is psychotic. Sure the coating might be a bit on the light side but the cut scene, crafted by artist Jim Lee shows a character that is whacked.

The graphics have a nice style and the character customization should be a draw for the game as well. SOE still kept some of the game elements under wraps, promising to reveal more later in the summer.

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