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Dawn of Magic - PC - Preview

E3 2003 -  First Look


One company that was kind of new to me at this year’s E3 show was 1C, and they had some pretty impressive looking titles working for the next year or so for the PC. One of them in particular was a game called Bloody Magic, a third person, top down RPG game. OK, we’ve all done those before, but this one was really unique in the fact that it relies more on magic, and lets the melee combat take a backseat for a while. Melee weapons will still be present, but the main function is to aid in casting spells.


When you first start off, you will be asked to create your own character from a pretty good-sized list of personal options more dealing in skills. This includes choosing what elemental casting class you want to belong to, and the choice will not only the spells that you receive, but also what the character will look like initially and while they are growing. For example, an earth mage started off with a green robe and was very earth toned in colors. As the levels in that earth skill went up, he began getting physical additions like antlers and whatnot.


Another nifty feature to Bloody Magic is the spells and additions that leveling them up can have. Each spell has a primary and secondary casting style, and they can be combined for a variation of attacks to be unleashed. In addition, adding levels in a particular skill will modify damage done to all spells of that same style. For example, if my fire mage has a fireball and an ignite spell, leveling them up individually will make each one stronger. If I add points to the skill of fire overall though … it adds a damage modifier to both spells when used. It was a really unique way of leveling up, and has potential for some good strategic elements. There will also be a multiplayer arena style play ability here as well, including ladder tournaments, buying and trading items online, and personalized insignias.


Bloody Magic is shaping up to be a good and different entry into the world of RPG games, so be looking for it in 2004.

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