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Darksiders - 360 - Preview 3

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Developed by Vigil Games, Darksiders: Wrath of War is on its way debuting on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with full force. Taking on the role of War, one of the legendary four horsemen of the apocalypse, the violence in Darksiders is bound to please many action fans.

Caught in-between a battle of angels and demons, the storyline is going to give an inside look at what the mythic apocalypse may look like. Having lost much of his power and strength, War is out to figure out the mysteries on what caused the apocalypse, where his brethren are, and who instigated the events. In fact, one of the biggest story elements that start off the game is that War is being accused for causing the apocalypse so he must set out to clear his name.

Playing as the red rider, who notoriously is known to be caring a flaming sword into the apocalypse, Darksiders presents a world where the kingdom of man is destroyed and the only thing that is left are the Wicked – the last remnants of humanity that are zombie like. Showcasing more puzzle features rather than the action, the demonstration of Darksiders helped lend to the comparisons to The Legend of Zelda that it is often receiving.

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Players will have the eligibility to go back to dungeons later on in the game to find items they missed. What kind of items would possibly be worth a do-over? Well, retrieving a throwing blade, one that acts as a boomerang, should lure gamers to look for missed items on their journey to find the truth. New abilities will open up throughout the course of the game, so War will continually become stronger as he progresses towards completing his objectives. Anything that your heart desires can be used as a weapon, such as picking up a car to whip at an enemy.

Focusing on a single-player only experience, no multiplayer is being added in at this time. For added in replay value, players will be able to upgrade War and his health and Wrath (magic) meter. He’ll unlock new moves such as a Blade Geyer, buy and upgrade combos, and even upgrade his weapons. Upgrading War’s weapons is broken down into adding in two enhancements (from a selection of 10-12) that come equipped with a variety of different elements and status effects such as a health leech.

Set for a release date of January 1, 2010, Darksiders: Wrath of War should feed the appetite of hungry action-adventure fans at the start of next year.


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