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Dark Sector - PS3 - Preview 2

Pre-E3 2007 Preview

Developed by Digital Extremes, Dark Sector is one title that has been turning heads since it was announced a while back. The game’s nice looking aesthetic has only been trumped in discussion by the mystery surrounding its development. The title has previously been very much under wraps, undergoing delays and slowly creeping out in terms of new info.

However, at a recent press event held by D3Publisher (the publishing house behind the game), not only was the game on display, but a playable build also was available to get our hands on and take the game out for a test drive. While the aiming controls weren’t quite as intuitive as one would hope and the AI wasn’t where it should be, Dark Sector showed a lot of promise, featuring some really cool elements, and might just be one you’ll want to check out in early 2008.

The details on the game are still quite scarce, but from what we were told at a recent D3Publisher press event, Dark Sector follows the story of Hayden Tenno, a Jack Bauer-type from a CIA-like agency sent to Lazria to assassinate a rogue agent. However, once there, Hayden gets infected with Lazrian biological weaponry that causes metal to cover his skin (kind of like Dr. Doom in the Fantastic Four movies), granting him with unique abilities.

Gameplaywise, the game feels and controls a lot like Resident Evil 4. The third person camera is from an over-the-shoulder perspective, with aiming done very similarly to RE4. You have access to several different weapons, like shotguns, pistols and SMGs. However, the most interesting weapon of the bunch is your glaive. The glaive is a boomerang blade that you can chuck at enemies and literally slice them up to bits, cutting torsos in half, knocking off legs and arms, and other quite gory things.

You can also use your glaive when solving certain puzzles. For example, there might be some black, adhesive goo blocking your way that also happens to be flammable. You can then throw your glaive into a fire, and throw your fiery blade into the gooey stuff and burn it away. The game will be about 80 percent action and 20 puzzle elements.

The graphics also look pretty nice. The camera does the same kind of “battlefield bounce” that you find in Gears of War, adding to the realism. The character models look very good as do the detailed environments.

Dark Sector is turning out to be a great looking and thrilling action game, and one that could surprise a lot of people when it’s released early next year.

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