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Dante's Inferno: Divine Edition - PS3 - Preview

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Last year, EA surprised gamers with a fantastic and frightening entry to the survival horror genre, Dead Space. Dead Space took gamers to a sci-fi horror setting and featured some of the most unnerving situations of any game of the past year. Now, the same developer (rechristened Visceral Games) is looking to create another terrifying experience with their upcoming action game, Dante’s Inferno.

Based on the first part of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, Dante’s Inferno draws upon the poet’s descriptions of hell that he wrote nearly 600 years ago. Players will follow the poet in a new story set with the same setting of the original, following him through the various circles of hell, with locations inspired by the seven deadly sins. You’ll begin in Limbo on a quest to rescue your wife, Beatrice, who has been seduced by the shadow form of Lucifer.

Dante's Inferno Xbox 360 screenshots

On your journey you’ll face off with a variety of characters and creatures from the poem, including King Minos, the snake-tailed judge of all who pass through limbo, Phlegyas, the ferryman of the river Styx, and a variety of other baddies. You’ll fight many types of hellish enemies, including corpulent beast women (associated with the sin of gluttony) and even (and perhaps most unsettlingly) unbaptized babies with swords for hands.

The gameplay snippet shown off at this year’s E3 showcased the game’s very obvious God of War influence. The action unfolds at a blisteringly fast rate, requiring you to utilize some quick reflexes and combos to defeat your enemies. Your weapon of choice is a scythe taken from death himself at the beginning of your journey, as well as a cross given to you by Beatrice (effective for long-range attacks). The game’s combat employs very heavy use of QTEs (Quick Time Events) where you must tap the right buttons at the right moments to get Dante to perform brutal moves and specific cinematic actions.

Dante's Inferno Xbox 360 screenshots

Dante’s Inferno may seem to wear its God of War-inspired combat and aesthetic on its sleeve, but fans should still find it to be an exciting and harrowing decent into hell, and well worth the trip.



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