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Cube - PSP - Preview

It’s maddening, maddening. Three dimensions, rotating this way and that, moving a block around other blocks to go from point A to point B while avoiding all the traps.

It may sound easy, but Cube, for the PlayStation Portable is a game that will cause the eyes to bug a little, the mind to warp and fingers to tap nervously on the controls. Featuring nine themed zones and 135 levels with a rotatable camera and suspended designs, Cube is a clever puzzle game that will serve not only as brain food, but as a way to frustrate your friends. Why? Because the game also features a level editor so that players can build their own puzzles and share them with others.

The game was part of the collection that D3Publisher showed during a recent event in San Francisco.

Developed by Metia Interactive Ltd. and set for release in March, Cube also features:

  • Bonus Levels – Unlock 9 bonus levels and receive new challenges to conquer.

  • Unlockable Content – Unlock hidden music and add that music to your custom levels by completing the Rhythm Modes.

  • Challenging Obstacles – More than 13 different entities/triggers/hazards from “rolling bombs” to “sinker cubes” either helps or hinders your progress or use them to create and share custom puzzles.

  • Wireless Multiplayer Mode – Play Battle and Co-op mode in more than 35 levels!

  • Game Sharing – Share game-share levels with friends that don’t have their own copy of Cube.

The game is bright and colorful and the controls are easy to get a handle on. The game’s difficulty ramps up from the initial easy levels, to hard by the time you get into the latter levels.

While the puzzles are set, thus cutting down on replayability, the ability to create new puzzles, loaded with traps and bombs, will add to the game’s value.

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