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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Hard Evidence - WII - Preview

PAX 2007 Preview

Telltale Games was happily working along on CSI: Hard Evidence when publisher Ubisoft threw a curve ball at the dev team. Instead of merely developing it for the PC, Ubi wanted it also for the Xbox 360 and the Wii, and they wanted them all to release at the same time.

The PC game is, more or less, completed and the team is feverishly working on the console editions, but what they showed at the Penny Arcade Expo in the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle was a crime investigation game that does a wonderful job in mirroring the popular television show.

Telltale is not the first company that has tackled the license, but they are doing a solid job in building on the work that has gone on before by tightening up the interface, allowing players to adjust difficulty by either turning on or off the tool tips. The game features five different crimes to investigate, and they are all seemingly unrelated … or are they? Maybe one or two overlap, but that is part of the game’s effort to both intrigue and delight those that pick up the title.

The PC version was the only one shown, and the graphics were absolutely terrific. It was important to CBS (the television network that has the show) that the in-game characters look like the actors that portray them and Telltale has done a remarkable job in that regard. The fly-bys (those interludes between the scenes) are taken from the show itself. Even the same forensics expert that works on the show gave technical pointers to the team to ensure that element was spot on as well.

When it comes to the dialogue, the man who is authoring the CSI novels wrote that element, so the game’s characters are totally in line with other elements in the franchise.

This is still a point-and-click adventure where players will move around a crime scene, using the cursor to search for clues, interviewing people and amassing evidence to find the perpetrator of the various crimes. And there is bonus material as well.

Look for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Hard Evidence to release in the fall.

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