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Crash Boom Bang! - NDS - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

It’s a little bit like Mario Party, but Crash Boom Bang on the Nintendo DS is looking to position itself with broad appeal.

Being developed by Dimps (the developer behind Dragon Ball Z titles), Crash Boom Bang was being previewed at the Vivendi Universal Games pre-E3 event is San Francisco recently. This is a game that can be played in both Adventure mode (for the single player) or Festival mode (multiplayer). Maps will need to be unlocked through game play, and the developers especially wished for the game to appeal to girls, so two female characters were thrown into the mix along with a cute animal as playable characters. 

Crash Boom Bang! Nintendo DS screenshots

There are 40 minigames total included here and players accessing the My Room feature can chat with other players and play the games. No waiting in the multiplayer modes either; all players can play at the same time. If you are watching other players play a minigame, you can bet on the outcome and either help or hinder, after a fashion.

The game makes great use of both screens and the graphics are solid with motion panels to communicate with other players, not to mention the bright colorful characters. You can even share costumes between players and characters – the costumes will not affect gameplay.

Fun, with lush graphics, Crash Boom Bang is the type of game that will certainly have broad appeal, and will be an entertaining DS experience. The range of games is impressive and DS owners will certainly find a favorite, or two, or dozen, among the list.

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