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Crackdown 2 E3 preview


Crackdown was a fine new IP-based title for the Xbox 360. While few purchased it outside of superficial reasons (it was packaged with the Halo 3 beta after all), those that played through the game found a great take on the sandbox action genre, letting you build up a futuristic police officer into a genetic superman capable of lifting cars and jumping huge distances across rooftops. The game was a sleeper hit and proved to be much more than the means to get onboard with the Master Chief.

Now, Microsoft is showing off the sequel, Crackdown 2. The game was playable at this year’s E3 press conference in the form of a fixed 30-minute demo, and showcased the same variety of over-the-top action and open-world mechanics that made the original game a success.

The main objective during our time with the demo build was to take control of three helicopter landing pads while taking out a bunch of enemies. The game’s weaponry was nicely powered and capable of deftly disposing of enemies quickly, thanks to a generous aiming system that quickly pops your enemies into its sights with a tap of the trigger button. Unfortunately, the demo was early on in the campaign and didn’t really give us a real grasp of the character’s special superhuman abilities. However, we were able to check out some of the character’s jumping moves by grabbing some agility orbs scattered throughout the cityscape.

Driving is also a big portion of Crackdown 2, as in the first game. You’re able to commander any number of vehicles in the game, including cop cars and other futuristic vehicles. The demo also provided a short look at some of the checkpoint races that fans would be able to check out within the city.

Crackdown 2 is looking to be a fine successor to the original, and one that offers solid mechanics and a sprawling world to check out.

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